Return selection

You will have the opportunity to make these choices in our return portal

Size change

✔ Automatic dispatch
✔ 5 euro fee

Product change (Only available in Sweden)

✔ Automatic dispatch
✔ 5 Euro fee
✔ Automatic refund of the difference in price

Reimbursement for gift cards

✔ Free - no return fee

Refund to payment method

- 7 Euro fee

Important information

Important information to facilitate your and our return process.

• Have all labels still
• Must be sent back in the original package
• Not been washed
• Must not smell like perfume or smoke
• Must not be dirty or have stains from make-up and deodorant
• Must not have animal hair on as this can cause allergies

If the product does not meet the requirements for original condition, 30% of the product's price will be refunded. If the product is not sent back in the garment bag, packaging or without labels, no refund will be made.

We at Relode offer size changes at a cost of 5 euros. As soon as we have received and processed your size change, your new order will be sent to you automatically. You therefore do not need to place a new order. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we have your size in stock, even if you have registered the size change in our portal. If your new size is not in stock when we process your size change, a full refund will be issued.

We at Relode offer product exchanges if you want to change color and/or model. If the product you wish to exchange is more expensive than the product you ordered, a payment link for the difference will be sent to your email. As soon as this amount has been paid, your new order will be created. If you instead make a product exchange for a cheaper product, the difference is paid out on a gift card. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we have the desired product in stock even if you have registered your exchange in our portal. If the product is not in stock, a full refund will be made.

When we handle your return, you will be charged a return fee of SEK 69 in Sweden and EUR 5 for all countries outside of Sweden. If you choose to receive a refund on a gift card, the return fee is free.

When you return one or more products from the "buy 3 pay for 2" offer, the offer will end and you will pay the regular price for the products you keep. If you send back one of three items, you will not be refunded. If you send back two out of three items, you will get money for one of them. If you return all products, you will be refunded for the two products you paid for.

Do you want to advertise/complain about a product?

If you need to make a claim or complain about a product because it is damaged or because you received the wrong product(s), please contact us as soon as possible. Contact us at and include the following information:

  • A brief description of the case
  • Order number
  • The name of the product
  • Also attach a photo of the product where the damage is clearly visible

Keep in mind that a complaint must be made within a reasonable time from when the damage is discovered, which according to the Consumer Purchase Act is within two months. The damage must be a production fault and no damage from wear and tear. A hole in the middle of a garment, for example, is not a production defect but a wear and tear damage. If your complaint is approved, your product will be replaced with a new or equivalent product. If this cannot be carried out, a refund will be made instead. We always try to come up with creative solutions to make sure our customers are as satisfied as possible.